Work & study like a boss

Happy new year! Wishing you a safe and successful 2021 ahead. As a research student and tutor, I know the importance of planning and organising my time so my tasks are manageable and get done without complete overwhelm.

This is why I’ve put together a freebie download – Week View Desk Planner to help you work and study like a boss with 3 key strategies in this article which I know are essential to organising and managing time so all tasks are completed before deadlines:

  1. Always begin with a brain dump – your mind is like a crazy monkey with thousands of thoughts running havoc in your mind constantly. Start off by pouring thee thoughts out onto paper. Let them flow so you have a starting point for organising tasks according to their priority.
  2. Link your tasks to clear intended outcomes – by this I mean, for each task, what is the intended outcome? What do you want to achieve by having completed it? This is a smart target oriented way to task management. It’s good because it helps to streamline activities to ensure maximum productivity. If you are clear from the onset what you wish to get done – it’s way easier to achieve it.
  3. Time your tasks – this is key. By setting a time to start and complete the task, you are able to work more effectively because you know you are working to complete it before a set deadline. This practice makes you subconsciously more accountable and also ensures you are able to get more done as you have your tasks set out into clear manageable blocks.

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