If you would like to get in touch with me…

As you can imagine, I receive an overwhelming amount of unsolicited mail, therefore, I have a set of guidelines for getting in touch with me. Please read theses guidelines carefully.

For a quick enquiry and/or informal chat, the quickest and easiest way is to send me a direct message on Instagram. I’m pretty active on there so as long as you have a real account, I will respond.

*Please note that I do not respond to spammy looking accounts or accounts with no profile photo or 0 followers.

If you are a student…

I provide one-to-one sessions online and in-person (for those who live in Central London) for general academic undergraduate and postgraduate study on:

  • making successful applications to UK universities
  • guidance for writing personal statements for both university and jobs
  • preparation for exams in IELTS and Cambridge English
  • advice in addition to coaching on academic writing, including coursework and assignments
  • speaking skills including pronunciation, fluency and accuracy in English

To book an online or in-person consultation with me, please click here.

*Please note:

I do NOT provide proofreading services for assignments including essays, coursework and dissertations. I also do NOT provide essay, dissertation or thesis writing services – so please do NOT even ask.

However, I can provide tailored guidance and feedback to help you with assignments and research projects, book a consultation with me to get started.

For business, research and public speaking…

I welcome invitations for potential collaboration on any areas of my research interests or, if you would like to invite me to speak at your institution, event or organisation.

You can send an email to info@nafisalondon.co.uk.

  • For research collaboration enquiries please put ‘research‘ in the email subject line.
  • For invitations to speak at your institution or event, please put ‘speaking‘ in the email subject line.
  • For business including advertising/sponsored content, group workshops and classes ,please put ‘business‘ in the email subject line.

*Please note once again, I do not read or respond to any mail sent which does not come from a company or institution email account or which does not have any of the subject headings clearly defined above.

Many thanks for your understanding,