Productivity Power Hour

Benefits of scheduling a productivity power hour

  • focus on priority task(s)
  • work to a deadline
  • track progress easily
  • measure the “completedness” of your task(s)
  • break up long study sessions
  • fit around a very busy schedule over a period of time

How to use this productivity power hour planner:

Here is a free download of my Power Hour Productivity Planner. I suggest you print and use it for all your scheduled power hour sessions. Use the:

  • Date and time to clearly schedule your power hour.
  • Things to get done section to list all your tasks for the power hour.
  • Intended outcomes – by the end of the power hour, what would you like to have completed? Write this clearly here.
  • Reflection notes – use this section honestly. Record how you feel and what went well during that session. It will help you for future sessions
  • Things I managed to get done – write down what you managed to complete here and tick it off – again, the key is being honest so you can use the next power hour session effectively to complete unfinished or rollover tasks.
  • Rollover tasks – use this section to make clear any incomplete tasks which you can schedule into your next power hour session.

*A note from Nafisa:

I recommend printing these power hour productivity sheets and filing them in an A4 folder. This will serve as a study diary or journal where you can evidence your progress over a period of time.

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